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Cloud Chasing Tricks for Newbies

Have you heard of cloud chasing? It’s the process of making water vapor clouds with the help of an electronic cigarette/vape device. The key to mastering cloud chasing is learning some tricks, such as the French inhale, which will make it simpler to enjoy superb cloud chasing that is impressive and fun. Today, we’re going to share some of the best tricks with you.

Discover the French Inhale

If you want to master the popular French Inhale vaping trick, you should draw vapor into your mouth and then release a thick cloud of water vapor as slowly as possible. While it’s released, inhale it via your nose. This trick may also be referred to as the Irish Waterfall and it’s something that vaping fans use in order to impress others or win cloud chasing competitions.

If you want more advice about the French Inhale, you should look for videos on YouTube. When you do, you’ll find that they provide a visual guide which makes it easier to master this common vaping trick.

Inhaling and Exhaling Techniques

You’ll need good vaping equipment to get great results while cloud chasing. After all, cloud chasing is all about making big and puffy clouds. When you buy the right equipment, it will make it easy to access sizable clouds with every draw of your vaporizer.

Also, you’ll need to give some thought to your inhaling and exhaling processes. The best trick is to inhale as you normally do and then exhale slowly in order to make big clouds. We also recommend a special trick which is called the “tripper’s technique”, which is all about moving backwards while exhaling.

Start with a Single Trick

To learn effectively, we think that it’s smart to start small. This means mastering the art of exhaling slowly. When you do so, you’ll control your exhalation with a mind to creating the biggest water vapor clouds. Once you’ve mastered the proper type of exhalation for vaping, you should be ready to move forward to a more advanced trick, such as the French Inhale. It will be harder, so you may anticipate needing more time to figure it out than you needed to master slow exhaling.

After you figure out the French Inhale, move forward and try the tripper’s technique. It’s not that difficult to master, but will take some practice. Correct form is the key to accessing superb results from cloud chasing. It’s something which certain cloud chasers do master and they end up winning competitions because of it! If you want to try it, and you’re a total newbie, following our tips may be the important first step to becoming a cloud chaser who is world-renowned.

Beginners have the power to get better very fast. For this reason, we think that practicing on a regular basis is the key to success. However, you shouldn’t do very long vaping sessions. Most experts feel that vaping moderately is the safest strategy. Excessive vaping may not be good for your body.

Now that you know the basics, why not try cloud chasing today?